What is the type and measure for the pallets?

The costumer can use in different parts of the project, different pallets. In this matter you have to ask about the places.

2. The weights of each pallet

The customer can us in additional parts different pallet weights. You have to ask him about the weights and places. The weights of the pallets are very importent for using the right beams.

Weight ?

3. What is the height of the pallets?

The customer can us in additional parts different pallet heights. This is importent to cleare the prosition of each level and the quantity of the levels.

4. Is there overflow by the pallet? If yes how much is it?

Sometimes it can be that the goods overflove the plallet. This is special important by back to back systems. This is important to cleare the corridor measure.

kısa kenar

uzun kenar

The goods can owerflove the pallet from all sides. In this case its very important.

5. The maximum turn measure for the porklift?

Its very important for the corridors between to units.

This information can be found from the web side of the porklift company

6. The maximum lift measure from the porklift.

This information will help to cleare the height of the last beam and also the height of the unite. This will give us also information about the levels for the unite.

7. What will be us? HR frames or MR frames height?

The height of the ceiling and the maximum height of the porklift will help to cleare the height of the unites and the frames.

8. Information about the building for the storage system.

A Are there any problems on the ground of the building?

The ground of the building must be flat. Othervise there must be us additionel parts.

B Are there any installation parts on the ceiling?

This information will be help to clear the height of the pallet on the last level.

9. From wich side will be us the pallet?

This information will help to clear the deep of the unit. With this information we can clear how many pallets will be us at each level. This will also help to cleare the capasity of the level.

Red parts are the pallets.